Gordon Martin & Rodney Bowers


Show host for The Delinquent Gourmet:

Chef Gordon Martin

An internationally trained chef with an appetite for adventure, Chef Gordon Martin is the award-winning owner of Vancouver’s A-list celebrity hangouts BIN 941 and BIN 942, the city’s celebrated New York-style wine and tapas bars. 
A former punk singer who’s loud, mischievous and politically incorrect, Chef Martin’s trademark humor, hedonistic bent, and ‘try anything once’ attitude add extra spice to his creative cuisine. He’s passionate about food, hunting down unusual ingredients, and exploring new recipes. Chef Martin believes in promoting local produce and serving it up with characteristic flair. Always on the lookout for inspiration, he believes the best way to explore exciting and exotic places and cultures is to step inside local kitchens to experience foreign cuisine first-hand.

Chef Rodney Bowers

From a long line of professional cooks and bakers, Chef Rodney Bowers grew up in Windsor, Newfoundland, where he served his first-ever à la carte meal at age four, helped out in his family’s kitchens and businesses, and, by age 13, was working his first official job at the local pizza franchise. Expanding his culinary horizons, Rodney then hopped from one opportunity to another in Newfoundland, Connecticut, and finally Toronto where he worked at the Homestead Inn and the Four Seasons Hotel before moving on to run the kitchen at Massimo Capra’s Mistura. Rodney opened his first restaurant, The Rosebud, in 2004. And, featuring unpretentious service and great food at reasonable prices, followed that success with The Citizen in 2008, and later The Kane Social, a speakeasy style bar. He sold both restaurants in 2010 to go back to his roots—learning, inspiring, and creating. The Delinquent Gourmet is the next adventure on Rodney’s amazing culinary journey.