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Amusing, irreverent and always entertaining, Mad Labs tackles every imaginable branch of science in an approachable way.  It’s hard science made fun through oddball experiments. It’s the way science should have been taught in high school!

It’s not just the science of today we’ll be turning our inquisitive eye to – we’ll also be running our own Test Department answering important questions like did you know you can play the bagpipes using helium rather than air? Did you know why toast always falls butter side down?

In each episode, we recreate wacky experiments. They might seem silly but believe it or not many of them have played an important role in genuine scientific research and some of them have ultimately led to surprising scientific breakthroughs or real world applications. 

Produced in association with: History Television (Canada), National Geographic Channel (International) and ZTélé (Canada)


Mad Labs

20 x 30 min