Austin Stevens


Show host for Austin Stevens Adventures:
Austin Stevens

South African-born Austin Stevens first earned the nickname ‘Snakeman’ while serving as the army’s official ‘reptile remover.’  After surviving an otherwise deadly snakebite, he eventually trained as a herpetologist, and worked as curator for the two largest reptile and animal parks in Southern Africa, as well as Germany’s Nordharzer Slagenfarm, which he helped design and inaugurate.

After a slew of successful TV appearances with his venomous counterparts, Austin appeared in a number of documentaries including Dragons of the Namib and Africa’s Deadliest Dozen.  Currently in its second season, the TV-series Austin Stevens Adventures is broadcast on Channel Five in the UK and on Animal Planet in the US.   Stevens has published a number of articles and books, and also holds the Guinness World Record for living in a cage with 36 venomous snakes for a period of 107 days and nights.