On Keep the Party Moving, the progressive dinner party meets high stakes competition as four close friends battle it out to be named the ultimate party hostess. From drinks to dessert, each competitor is randomly assigned one course, and with a limited budget and only 48 hours to plan a themed party, the heat is on!

To kick off the party, Beth transforms her living room and deck into a classic summer beach party, which features go-go dancers, a volleyball court, and 4,000 pounds of sand. Knowing that Beth’s signature cocktail lacks punch, one contestant feels the pressure and sneaks out early to prepare. Renee’s springtime in Paris party is complete with a French buffet and fashion show.  After the guests each bust a move on the catwalk, two friends get downright catty. Confident her cooking will win her the top spot, Anjalé goes all out with her garden party supper.  But her commitment to perfection rubs the guests the wrong way. Wrapping up the event with a progressive party of her own, Kristin covers the four seasons with a quartet of desserts, but her mid-party cookie contest raises eyebrows. 

Produced in association with: Style Network (Canada)


Keep the Party Moving

1 x 60 min