Brendan Callaghan, Francesca Gauigue & Dan Dicaire


Show hosts for House Hazards

Brendan Callaghan

If a prank has been filmed in Canada in the last five years, Toronto-based special-effects guru Brendan Callaghan has probably been behind it. This would include creating life-like monsters and aliens, to designing pranks for Howie Mandel. A former bartender with a knack for blowing stuff up, Brendan lucked into a TV art department gig in 1996, but stepped in front of the camera for the first time as the co-host of Prank Science.

Francesca Garigue

Jack-of-all-trades Francesca Garigue is an animal biologist, adventure travel junkie and a former runway model. With degrees in biology and psychology from Carleton University in Ottawa, Francesca served as the Program Manager of the Science Alberta Foundation, helping to promote science and technology in schools and on social media. She also conducted fieldwork in Namibia at a wildcat rehabilitation centre. That is, when she wasn’t busy strutting down another catwalk, as a part time model, in order to support her studies.

Dan Dicaire

Engineer, and green-building aficionado, Dan Dicaire tackles any problem with youthful intensity and enthusiasm. He is also a know-it-all. So much so that he even appeared on a show called Canada’s Greatest Know-It-All. While pursuing chemical engineering degrees from the University of Ottawa, Dan’s research on solar heat was presented at conferences around the world. Dan is currently an Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Officer at Ottawa Community Housing Corporation, a trade that comes in handy where everyday house hazards are concerned.