Camille Ford


Show host for Design Wars:

Camille Ford

Host of Design Wars, Camille Ford is a design aficionado whose flair for interiors is as eclectic as her personality. Her home features rock-climbing holds on the ceiling and a DIY seltzer machine she fashioned from old bottles and a welding tank. Camille also makes her own bedding, created all the artwork in her home, and even built a bicycle rack from copper tubing and old parts.

An avid foodie adventurer who loves to travel, Camille has scaled glaciers in Iceland, kayaked on the Jordan River, and is the host of Food Wars and Best Places I've Ever Been (both on the Travel Channel). She has also hosted talk shows on SIRIUS Satellite Radio, reported the news for the CW Television Network (CW11 in NYC), and produced and performed in numerous theatre productions. Camille is also a fitness and sports model, the founder of the innovative Manhattan exercise studio Sassy Pole Girls, and is an award-winning producer of the 2006 Off-Off Broadway show Jitter.