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Cineflix International strikes NATGEO deal for new popular science series Mayday

October 22, 2003

Montreal, October 22, 2003 – Cineflix International Ltd., the London-based international television distribution arm of Canadian production company Cineflix, has returned from MipCom 2003 with several sales and co-production opportunities which are soon to be announced.

The first of these to be formalized are the latest major international deals for their home grown series, Mayday and the fifth series of Dogs With Jobs.

National Geographic Channels International has acquired Mayday in a global deal which sees the series scheduled to air in 144 countries and 26 languages.

Paul Heaney, MD of Cineflix International Distribution commented: “Mayday is six one-hours of investigative popular science, representing a new frontier of factual programming for Cineflix, and we’re excited to be delivering this to National Geographic Channels International.”

“We’re happy to work with Cineflix again and to participate in the making of such a high-quality product. Its dramatic content is exactly the sort of programming our viewers demand,” said Tracy Beckett, VP Programming, NGCI.

NGCI has also bought the critical and popular success, Dogs with Jobs, series 5. Dogs with Jobs is the first in-depth documentary series to bring viewers into the world of dogs who work for a living. Each episode captures three hard-working and loyal dogs who help people in an astonishing variety of ways – as rescuers & helpmates, entertainers & TV stars, herders & heroes, therapists & athletes… and of course, lifelong friends and companions.

Mayday was also licensed at MipTV 2003 to TVNZ in New Zealand, the Seven Network in Australia, Prosieben in Germany and the Holland Media Groep, significant sales indeed for the 6×60 series, which has already been pre-sold to UK broadcaster Five; to France 5; and to Discovery and Canal D in Canada.

Mayday delves into the science behind the causes of recent air crashes, employing dramatic recreation to evoke the tense moments of flights in peril. Swissair Flight 111, which ended in tragedy off the coast of Nova Scotia in 1998; United Airlines Flight 811 near Honolulu, where a 747 cargo door blew off creating a fatal hole in the fuselage; and the Air Transat emergency landing in the Azores are just three of the gripping Mayday flights.

Budgeted at $2.9 million CDN the series is still shooting interviews on location internationally and reenactments in studio in Toronto. A Canada-France-U.K. co-production between Cineflix, Galaxie Presse in France and Media Production Services in the U.K., Mayday’s first broadcast window is slated for October 2003.

Cineflix International is the London-based distribution arm of Canadian production company Cineflix. A growing distributor of factual entertainment Cineflix International distributes over 100 hours of original Cineflix programming in addition to 30 hours of third-party programming.

As it marks its first year of operation, Cineflix International has already forged strong relationships with the U.S., the U.K., France, Germany, Scandinavia, Benelux, Australia and New Zealand. In addition Cineflix International is making swift progress in an increasing number of other territories.

The focus remains the nurturing of key broadcaster relationships to ensure that a solid financial base is secured for all new projects. We aim to distribute content with: 1. Universal themes 2. Strong storytelling and above all 3. International appeal!

Programme genres for Cineflix International range from popular science and technology, to history to real-life stories.

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