Mike Wolfe & Frank Fritz


Show hosts for American Pickers:

Mike Wolfe
Based in the historic Mississippi River town of LeClaire, Iowa, Mike Wolfe is one of America’s top ‘pickers’. As the owner of Antique Archaeology, a specialist shop that sells folk art, unusual antiques and vintage collectibles, he supplies discerning designers, art directors, photographers, and everyday collectors with extraordinary objects that would otherwise be overlooked.  Picking since he was four-years-old, Mike gets as much of a buzz from the hunt as he does from the back-story behind the incredible items he uncovers.

Frank Fritz
Friends since the eighth grade, Frank Fritz and Mike work their way across the country, seeking out, restoring, and reselling rare collectibles and curios.  Frank is the steady hand to Mike’s fire, and like all great double acts, they’re opposites in many ways. Passionate about anything with an engine, Frank is always ready to sell their discoveries to the highest bidder.